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Treated Slurry

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Farm slurry is an extremely valuable resource and if managed correctly can reduce dependence on inorganic fertilizers.

Effective Micro-Organisms Ltd have developed a product which is easy to use and allows the organic nitrogen in the slurry to be retained, providing valuable nitrogen to the soil when spread. N-Hance + acts like a semi-conductor so that the salts from the urine and any other toxic component going into the slurry (foot bath wash, antibiotics in the dung, chemical cleaner etc) will be de-toxified and not destroy the valuable organic nitrogen.

Farmers can reduce the farm's nitrogen fertiliser usage by up to 1 Kg/CuM of treated slurry; it will also save money by eliminating the need to mix the slurry as it prevents crust formation. In addition, the EM microbes in the slurry will, once applied, improve soil fertility, increasing yields.

In addition EM & N-Hance reduces the loss of nitrogen to the atmosphere in its gaseous forms.

By treating slurry with N-Hance and EM (Effective Micro-organisms) the fermentation results in an improved quality manure for crops with the following effects:

  • Shifting of mineral nitrogen to organically bound nitrogen
  • Improved utilisation of nitrogen available
  • Less ‘pungent’ manure which is less astringent on roots
  • Reduced ammonia and mercaptans in the housing
  • Less crust formation
  • odors reduction
  • emissions to the atmosphere reduced
  • converts the slurry into a valuable resource
  • helps liquefy manure that has a high solids content
  • improves the quality of end product
  • Reduced flies ( EM stops eggs hatching)