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An efficient sialge inoculant at a price you can afford! For use in grass, maize and whole crop silages. EM SILAGE feeds well, increase milk yield with proven results over 5 years of tests in the field.

What is EM Silage?

The idea of using effective micro-organisms (EM) in agriculture was developed by Professor Dr. Teruo Higa of the Ryukyus University in Okinawa, Japan. EM SILAGE has been a development by Agriton of the Netherlands for the European market and following extensive UK trials is now on commercial release in the Ireland and the UK. EM-SILAGE is a ready made product, which only has to be diluted with water. EM-SILAGE consists of a mixture of micro-organisms which during the ensilage process, not only guarantees an acceleration of pH- decline but also produces anaerobic metabolites, produced by the yeast component. These metabolites enhance the taste and inhibit overheating of the silage.

Properties & Benefits

  • EM-SILAGE contains lactic acid bacteria and yeast. This is a unique combination and allows for stabilisation and pre fermentation of the silage.

  • EM-SILAGE is a ready to use liquid and does not require brewing before use. It is available in a 20L and 5L 'bag in a box' pack with an outlet tap allowing measured quantities to be drawn off. Bottles are also available in 1Ltr and 4Ltr quantities to get the job finished.

  • EM-SILAGE produces a silage with a distinctive smell and taste that feeds well.

  • Tests at the Wageningen Institute have demonstrated an increased milk yield from cows fed on silage treated with EM-SILAGE.

  • The yeast component of EM-SILAGE produces anaerobic metabolites that stop heating of the silage when it becomes exposed to air on feeding out.

  • EM-SILAGE is non toxic to operators and the environment and non corrosive to equipment.

  • EM-SILAGE is a live culture of microorganisms but in a dormant state. It has a shelf life of 1 year in the box and only 24 hours once mixed with water.

  • A 20L box of EM-SILAGE will treat 250MT of grass or maize. It is used at a dose rate of 80mls per MT, by diluting in water and applying through a conventional hydraulic nozzle to the crop at harvest/collection.

  • EM-SILAGE has been proven in the field in commercial use in Europe over a five-year period and having been tested in 2004 in the UK is now on commercial release.

  • EM-SILAGE can be used in grass, maize and whole crop silages. There is therefore no need to source separate products for each application.
  • EM-Silage Application

    It is important to obtain a good distribution of EM-Silage in the crop to be ensiled. This is best achieved by spraying over the crop using a conventional hydraulic spray system. It is recommended that water volume of 4 litres/MT of crop is used.

    The dose rate for grass, maize and whole crop silage is 80mls EM-Silage/MT of crop.

    The most efficient way to use EM-Silage is in combination with the Dosatron application equipment, which can be calibrated to inject the correct dose of EM-Silage directly into the spray line. If you are preparing a pre-mix solution of EM-Silage for use in maize and grass, mix 2 litres of EM-Silage with 98 litres of luke-warm water. This pre-mix solution should be applied at an optimum rate of 4 litres/MT of crop. It is preferable to apply EM- Silage during the gathering or cutting of the crop.

    EM-Silage should be stored in a cool, dry place away from sources of direct heat. In the event that heating occurs, some CO 2 will be formed and should be released from the box by depressing the release valve located on top of the box.